Cross-language homonyms between English and Chinese

The Chinese language has many different systems for phonetic transcription and which one to use is mostly a function of which variety of Chinese you are using, which country you are in, and when you learned it. Standard Chinese, the variety that is an official language of the People’s Republic of China, as well as (with small variations) Taiwan and Singapore, and which English speakers coloquially call “Mandarin”, has at least ten different systems of transcription. Almost all of these, aside from Zhuyin (注音) as used in Taiwan, are Romanizations, which use the Latin script. The most widely used Romanization today is Pinyin (拼音).

Like all varieties of Chinese, Standard Chinese is tonal. Pinyin uses diacritics over vowels to represent the four main tones of the language, for example:

Tone #ExampleTone contourCould mean
1[yīn]high flat tone音 (sound)
2[yín]rising tone銀 (silver)
3[yǐn]low tone飲 (drink)
4[yìn]falling tone印 (print)

When I’m reading English, I can’t help but look at some words – like “jingling” or “dangling” – and read them as if they were Chinese words written in Pinyin without the tone marks! Most English words that look like valid, toneless Pinyin are nonsense, but those two examples do correspond to real Chinese words: jīnglíng (精靈, a fairy) and dānglìng (當令, seasonal).

How many other English words have homonyms in Pinyin? I wrote a script homoyin to find out, which used:

This revealed a total of 221 English words that could be read as a toneless, Pinyin word that is a phonetic spelling of a valid Chinese word or name. Some of them are loanwords from English, and so mean the same thing. Some words have many possible corresponding Chinese words, especially the single syllable ones. The results:

There are some fun ones:

The full list could be useful for cross-language punning!

EnglishPinyinCould mean
a[a]interjection or grunt of agreement
a[ā]phonetic a, similar to 呵/-azine, see 吖嗪
[ā]interjection of surprise/Ah!/Oh!
[á]interjection expressing doubt or requiring answer/Eh?/what?
[ǎ]interjection of surprise or doubt/Eh?/My!/what's up?
[à]interjection or grunt of agreement/uhm/Ah, OK/expression of recognition/Oh, it's you!
[a]modal particle ending sentence, showing affirmation, approval, or consent
[ā]actinium (chemistry)
[ā]abbr. for Afghanistan 阿富汗
[ā]prefix used before monosyllabic names, kinship terms etc to indicate familiarity/used in transliteration
age[a ge]阿哥(familiar) elder brother
age[ā gē]阿哥(familiar) elder brother
aide[ai de]埃德Ed (name - Eduard)
aide[āi dé]埃德Ed (name - Eduard)
[ài dé]愛德Aide (brand)
aiming[ai ming]哀鳴(of animals, the wind etc) to make a mournful sound
aiming[āi míng]哀鳴(of animals, the wind etc) to make a mournful sound/whine/moan/wail
amen[a men]阿們amen (loanword)
amen[ā men]阿們amen (loanword)
[ā mén]阿門amen (loanword)
an[ǎn]I (northern dialects)
[ǎn](interjection) oh!/(dialect) to stuff sth in one's mouth/(used in buddhist transliterations) om
[án]to speak (Cantonese)
[ǎn]hole in the ground to plant seeds in/to make a hole for seeds/to dibble
[ān]surname An
[ān]content/calm/still/quiet/safe/secure/in good health/to find a place for/to install/to fix/to fit/to bring (a charge against sb)/to pacify/to harbor (good intentions)/security/safety/peace/ampere
[ān]hut/small temple/nunnery
[àn]to press/to push/to leave aside or shelve/to control/to restrain/to keep one's hand on/to check or refer to/according to/in the light of/(of an editor or author) to make a comment
[ǎn]to apply (medicinal powder to a wound)/to cover up/to conceal
[àn]dark/gloomy/hidden/secret/muddled/obscure/in the dark
[àn](legal) case/incident/record/file/table
[ān]Eucalyptus globulus
[ān]small Buddhist temple
[ān]to be versed in/to know well
[àn]to close (a door)/to eclipse/muddled/stupid/ignorant
[àn]deep black/dark/dull (color)
baa[ba a]巴阿Pakistan-Afghan
baa[bā ā]巴阿Pakistan-Afghan
bade[ba de]八德Bade or Pate city in Taoyuan county 桃園縣, north Taiwan
bade[bā dé]八德Bade or Pate city in Taoyuan county 桃園縣, north Taiwan
bailing[bai ling]白領white-collar
bailing[bái lǐng]白領white-collar/white-collar worker
[bǎi líng]百靈lark/Eremophila alpestris
baiting[bai ting]白廳Whitehall
baiting[bái tīng]白廳Whitehall
baize[bai ze]白澤Bai Ze or White Marsh, legendary creature of ancient China
baize[bái zé]白澤Bai Ze or White Marsh, legendary creature of ancient China
bake[ba ke]罷課student strike
bake[bà kè]罷課student strike/to boycott classes
bale[ba le]芭樂guava (loanword from Taiwanese)
bale[bà le]罷了a modal particle indicating (that's all, only, nothing much)
[bā lè]芭樂guava (loanword from Taiwanese)
baling[ba ling]霸凌bullying (loanword)
baling[bà líng]霸凌bullying (loanword)
ban[bàn]partner/companion/comrade/associate/to accompany
[bàn]half/semi-/incomplete/(after a number) and a half
[bàn]to disguise oneself as/to dress up/to play (a role)/to put on (an expression)
[bān]to pull/to turn (sth) around/to turn around (a situation)/to recoup
[bàn]to mix/to mix in/to toss (a salad)
[bān]to move (i.e. relocate oneself)/to move (sth relatively heavy or bulky)/to shift/to copy indiscriminately
[bān]spot/colored patch/stripe/spotted/striped/variegated
[bǎn]board/plank/plate/shutter/table tennis bat/clappers (music)/accented beat in Chinese music/hard/stiff/to stop smiling or look serious
[bǎn]a register/block of printing/edition/version/page
[bān]surname Ban
[bān]team/class/squad/work shift/ranking/classifier for groups
[bàn]petal/segment/clove (of garlic)/piece/section/fragment/valve/lamella/classifier for pieces, segments etc
[bān]mark/scar on the skin
[bàn]to trip/to stumble/to hinder
[bàn]to do/to manage/to handle/to go about/to run/to set up/to deal with
[bǎn]metal plate/sheet of metal
[bān]to promulgate/to send out/to issue/to grant or confer
bang[bang]to help
bang[bàng]near/approaching/to depend on/(slang) to have an intimate relationship with sb
[bàng]the edge/border of a field
[bāng]to help/to assist/to support/for sb (i.e. as a help)/hired (as worker)/side (of pail, boat etc)/outer layer/upper (of a shoe)/group/gang/clique/party/secret society
[bāng]watchman's rattle
[bàng]stick/club/cudgel/smart/capable/strong/wonderful/classifier for legs of a relay race
[bàng]to row/oar
[bǎng]notice or announcement/list of names/public roll of successful examinees
[bàng]platform balance
[bǎng]to tie/bind or fasten together/to kidnap
[bǎng]upper arm/wing
[bàng]to flirt
[bàng]two boats fastened side by side
[bàng]Arctium lappa/great burdock
[bàng]to slander/to defame/to speak ill of
[bàng]pound (sterling) (loanword)
banyan[ban yan]板岩slate
banyan[bàn yǎn]扮演to play the role of/to act
[bān yán]斑岩porphyry (geology)
[bǎn yán]板岩slate
[bǎn yān]板煙plug (of tobacco)
[bǎn yǎn]板眼measure in traditional Chinese music/orderliness
bate[ba te]巴特Barth or Barthes (name)
bate[bā tè]巴特Barth or Barthes (name)/Roland Barthes (1915-1980), French critic and semiotician
baying[ba ying]拔營to strike camp
baying[bá yíng]拔營to strike camp
beige[bei ge]悲歌sad melody
beige[bēi gē]悲歌sad melody/stirring strains/elegy/dirge/threnody/sing with solemn fervor
[bēi gé]杯葛to boycott (loanword)
bide[bi de]彼得Peter (name)
bide[bǐ dé]彼得Peter (name)
biding[bi ding]必定to be sure to
biding[bǐ dìng]吡啶pyridine C5H5N (loanword)
[bì dìng]必定to be bound to/to be sure to
bier[bi er]比爾Bill (name)
bier[bǐ ěr]比爾Bill (name)
bile[bi le]吡叻Perak (state of Malaysia)
bile[bǐ lè]吡叻Perak (state of Malaysia)
bin[bin]to carry to burial
bin[bīn]best man/to entertain
[bìn]to reject/to expel/to discard/to exclude/to renounce
[bìn]a funeral/to encoffin a corpse/to carry to burial
[bīn]used in Japanese place names such as Yokohama 橫浜 with phonetic value hama
[bīn]shore/beach/coast/bank/to border on
[bīn]to approach/to border on/near
[bīn]helter-skelter/mixed colors/in confusion
[bīn]name of an ancient county in Shaanxi
[bīn]visitor/guest/object (in grammar)
[bīn]fine steel
[bìn]kneecapping/to cut or smash the kneecaps as corporal punishment
[bìn]temples/hair on the temples
binge[bin ge]賓格accusative case (grammar)
binge[bīn gé]賓格accusative case (grammar)
bite[bi te]比特bit (binary digit) (loanword)
bite[bǐ tè]比特bit (binary digit) (loanword)
biting[bi ting]筆挺bolt upright
biting[bǐ tǐng]筆挺(standing) very straight/straight as a ramrod/bolt upright/well-ironed/trim
bode[bo de]博得to win
bode[bó dé]博得to win/to gain
[bó dé]博德Bodø (city in Norway)
[bō dé]波德Johann Elert Bode (1747-1826), German astronomer
bole[bo le]伯樂talent scout
bole[bó lè]伯樂Bo Le (horse connoisseur during Spring and Autumn Period)/a good judge of talent/talent scout
[bó lè]博樂Börtala Shehiri, county level city in Börtala Mongol autonomous prefecture 博爾塔拉蒙古自治州, Xinjiang
bore[bo re]般若wondrous knowledge
bore[bō rě]般若Sanskrit prajña: wisdom/great wisdom/wondrous knowledge
boxing[bo xing]波形wave form
boxing[bó xīng]勃興to rise suddenly/to grow vigorously
[bó xīng]博興Boxing county in Binzhou 濱州, Shandong
[bō xíng]波形wave form
[bó xìng]薄幸fickle/inconstant person
bushier[bu shi er]布什爾Bushehr Province of south Iran, bordering on the Persian Gulf
bushier[bù shí ěr]布什爾Bushehr Province of south Iran, bordering on the Persian Gulf/Bushehr, port city, capital of Bushehr Province
can[cān]to take part in/to participate/to join/to attend/to counsel/unequal/varied/irregular/uneven/not uniform/abbr. for 參議院 Senate, Upper House
[cǎn]if, supposing, nevertheless
[cān]second-round simplified character for 餐
[cán]to destroy/to spoil/to ruin/to injure/cruel/oppressive/savage/brutal/incomplete/disabled/to remain/to survive/remnant/surplus
[càn]gem/luster of gem
[cān]meal/to eat/classifier for meals
[cān]outside horses of a team of 4
cancan[can can]璨璨very bright
cancan[càn càn]璨璨very bright
cane[can e]蠶蛾Chinese silkworm moth (Bombyx mori)
cane[cán é]蠶蛾Chinese silkworm moth (Bombyx mori)
canting[can ting]餐廳restaurant
canting[cān tīng]餐廳dining hall/dining room/restaurant
ceding[ce ding]測定to survey and evaluate
ceding[cè dìng]測定to survey and evaluate
change[chang e]嫦娥Chang'e, the lady in the moon (Chinese mythology)
change[cháng é]嫦娥Chang'e, the lady in the moon (Chinese mythology)/one of the Chang'e series of PRC lunar spacecraft
chase[cha se]茶色dark brown
chase[chá sè]茶色dark brown/tawny
chi[chi]to eat
[chì]to detain/to hinder
[chì]to scold/shout at/to hoot at
[chī]to eat/to consume/to eat at (a cafeteria etc)/to eradicate/to destroy/to absorb/to suffer
[chǐ]foot (unit of length equal to 0.3048 m)/old form of modern 英尺
[chī](onom.) giggling/breathing/tearing of paper, ripping of fabric etc
[chì]only (classical, usually follows negative or question words)/(not) just
[chī]laugh at/jeer/scoff at/sneer at
[chí]islet/rock in river
[chī]ugly woman
[chǐ]a Chinese foot/one-third of a meter/a ruler/a tape-measure/one of the three acupoints for measuring pulse in Chinese medicine
[chí]to unstring a bow/to slacken/to relax/to loosen
[chí]go to and fro
[chǐ]drag along
[chí]to hold/to grasp/to support/to maintain/to persevere/to manage/to run (i.e. administer)/to control
[chī]to spread (fame)/wield (pen)
[chì]Imperial command or edict
[chì]imperial orders
[chì]to blame/to reprove/to reprimand/to expel/to oust/to reconnoiter/(of territory) to expand/saline marsh
[chī]manjack or cordia (genus Cordia)
[chí]surname Chi
[chì]to burn/to blaze/splendid/illustrious
[chī]large wine jar
[chī]discharge (rheum) from the mucous membranes of the eyes
[chī]mythical beast (archaic)
[chī]to whip with bamboo strips
[chí]bamboo flute with 8 holes
[chí]bamboo flute with 7 or 8 holes
[chī]fine fibers of hemp/linen
[chí]name of a district in Shandong
[chī]surname Chi
[chí]ant eggs
[chī]dragon with horns not yet grown (in myth or heraldry)
[chǐ]to strip/to deprive of/to discharge/to dismiss/to undress
[chǐ]to separate
[chǐ]salted fermented beans
[chì]hasty walking
[chì]walk with one leg
[chí]surname Chi
[chī]surname Chi/name of an ancient city
[chì]keep in order/stern/to order/direct
[chì]food/to cook
[chí]to run fast/to speed/to gallop/to disseminate/to spread
[chī]mountain demon
[chī]scops owl
[chì]a kind of water bird
chichi[chi chi]痴痴foolish
chichi[chī chī]吃吃sound of stammering
[chī chī]痴痴foolish/stupid/lost in thought/in a daze
[chí chí]遲遲late (with a task etc)/slow
chile[chi le]遲了late
chile[chí le]遲了late
chili[chi li]斥力repulsive force
chili[chī lì]吃力to entail strenuous effort/to toil at a task/strenuous/laborious/strain
[chì lì]斥力repulsion (in electrostatics)/repulsive force
chiming[chi ming]馳名famous
chiming[chí míng]馳名famous
dacha[da cha]打杈to prune (branches)
dacha[dǎ chà]打岔interruption/to interrupt (esp. talk)/to change the subject
[dǎ chà]打杈to prune (branches)
[dǎ chǎ]打鑔(dialect) to joke/to make fun of (sb)
[dā chá]搭茬to respond
dance[dan ce]單側one-sided
dance[dān cè]單側one-sided/unilateral
dangling[dang ling]當令seasonal
dangling[dāng lìng]當令to be in season/seasonal
[dǎng líng]黨齡party standing/age of service to the Party
dare[da re]大熱great heat
dare[dà rè]大熱great heat/very popular
dating[da ting]打聽to ask around
dating[dà tīng]大廳hall/lounge
[dǎ ting]打聽to ask about/to make some inquiries/to ask around
dean[de an]德安De'an county in Jiujiang 九江, Jiangxi
dean[dé ān]德安De'an county in Jiujiang 九江, Jiangxi
deli[de li]得力competent
deli[dé lì]得力able/capable/competent/efficient
[dé lǐ]德里Delhi/New Delhi, capital of India
den[den]to yank
den[dèn]to yank/to pull tight
[dié]flowing flood/to chatter
[dié]the declining sun in the west
[dié]small dish/window
[dié]weak (from illness)/half-sitting, half-reclining (meaning unclear)
[dié](official) document/dispatch
[dié]young melon
[dié]Japanese tatami matting
[dié]to fold/to fold over in layers/to furl/to layer/to pile up/to repeat/to duplicate
[dié]prominent eyes
[dié]hempen band worn on the head or waist by a mourner
[dié]aged/in one's eighties
[dié]to spy
[diē]to fall/to tumble/to trip/(of prices etc) to drop
[dié]to tread on/to stamp one's foot
[dié]name of poisonous snake in ancient text
die[dì é]帝俄Tsarist Russia
dike[di ke]迪克Dick (person name)
dike[dí kè]迪克Dick (person name)
ding[ding]to determine
ding[dīng]surname Ding
[dīng]fourth of the ten Heavenly Stems 十天干/fourth in order/letter "D" or Roman "IV" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc/ancient Chinese compass point: 195°/butyl/cubes (of food)
[dīng]to sting or bite (of mosquito, bee etc)/to say repeatedly/to urge insistently/to ask repeatedly/to stick to a point/(onom.) tinkling or jingling sound
[dìng]idine (chemistry)
[dìng]to set/to fix/to determine/to decide/to order
[dīng]patch (for mending clothes)
[dīng]to watch attentively/to fix one's attention on/to stare at/to gaze at
[dìng]to agree/to conclude/to draw up/to subscribe to (a newspaper etc)/to order
[dīng]tincture (loanword)
[dīng]nail/to follow closely/to keep at sb (to do sth)
[dìng]to join things together by fixing them in place at one or more points/to nail/to pin/to staple/to sew on
[dìng](weaving) spindle/ingot/pressed cake of medicine etc/classifier for: gold and silver ingots, ink sticks
[dīng]to cobble/to patch
[dǐng]apex/crown of the head/top/roof/most/to carry on the head/to push to the top/to go against/to replace/to substitute/to be subjected to (an aerial bombing, hailstorm etc)/(slang) to "bump" a forum thread to raise its profile/classifier for headwear, hats, veils etc
[dìng]display food for show only/sacrifice
[dǐng]ancient cooking cauldron with two looped handles and three or four legs/pot (dialect)/to enter upon a period of (classical)/one of the 64 hexagrams of the Book of Changes
dire[di re]低熱a low fever (up to 38°C)
dire[dī rè]低熱a low fever (up to 38°C)
[dì rè]地熱geothermal
douche[dou che]斗車wheelbarrow
douche[dǒu chē]斗車hopper car/wheelbarrow
douse[dou se]抖瑟to quiver
douse[dǒu sè]抖瑟to quiver/to shiver/to tremble
duding[du ding]篤定confident (of some outcome)
duding[dǔ dìng]篤定certain/confident (of some outcome)/calm and unhurried
due[du e]毒顎the sting (of scorpion etc)
due[dú è]毒顎the sting (of scorpion etc)
duke[du ke]賭客gambler
duke[dǔ kè]賭客gambler
dun[dūn]ton (loanword)
[dùn]bin for grain
[dūn]block/gate pillar/pier/classifier for clusters of plants/classifier for rounds in a card game: trick/(archaic) watchtower
[dùn]a village/to dwell together
[dūn]kindhearted/place name
[dùn]to stew
[dùn]shield/(currency) Vietnamese dong/currency unit of several countries (Indonesian rupiah, Dutch gulden etc)
[dūn]stone block
[dūn]to crouch/to squat/to stay (somewhere)
[dūn](coll.) to put sth down heavily/to plonk
[dùn]to evade/to flee/to escape
[dūn]upsetting (forged pieces)
[dùn]to stop/to pause/to arrange/to lay out/to kowtow/to stamp (one's foot)/at once/classifier for meals, beatings, scoldings etc: time, bout, spell, meal
dunce[dun ce]蹲廁squat toilet
dunce[dūn cè]蹲廁squat toilet
duo[duò]to chop up (meat etc)/to chop off (sb's hand etc)
[duō]to prick/to cut blocks, to engrave
[duō](old)(interjection expressing disapproval, commiseration etc) tut!
[duō]quiver/woolen cloth
[duǒ]hang down
[duǒ]solid earth
[duò]to fall/to degenerate
[duō]many/much/often/a lot of/numerous/more/in excess/how (to what extent)/multi-
[duó]to seize/to take away forcibly/to wrest control of/to compete or strive for/to force one's way through/to leave out/to lose
[duò]mountain peak
[duó]to estimate
[duō]to pick up/to collect/gather up
[duó]to weigh/to cut/to come without being invited
[duǒ]flower/earlobe/fig. item on both sides/classifier for flowers, clouds etc
[duò]wood scraps
[duō]to mend clothes
[duò]to stamp one's feet
[duó]to stroll/to pace
[duǒ]to hide/to dodge/to avoid
[duó]surname Duo
[duó]surname Duo
[duó]large ancient bell
[duò]load carried by a pack animal
e[é]Russia/Russian/abbr. for 俄羅斯
[é]suddenly/very soon
[è]to hiccup
[è]beat a drum/startle
[é]to chant
[è]to whitewash/to plaster
[è]dam/to stop/check
[è]a boundary/a border
[ē]to defecate
[é]lofty/name of a mountain
[è]evil/fierce/vicious/ugly/coarse/to harm
[è]to grip forcefully/to clutch at/to guard/to control/to hold
[è]tree knot
[é]old name for the Dadu River 大渡河 in Sichuan
[è]astatine (chemistry) (Tw)
[è]acenaphthene (C12H10)
[é]zedoary (Curcuma zedoaria), plant rhizome similar to turmeric
[è]calyx of a flower
[é]error/false/to extort
[è]honest speech
[è]to restrain/to yoke
[è]to restrain/to check/to hold back
[è]abbr. for Hubei Province 湖北省 in central China/surname E
[é]osmium (chemistry)
[è]blade edge/sharp
[è]to block/to restrain/to control
[è]defile/pass/in distress
[è]junction of nose and forehead
[é]forehead/horizontal tablet or inscribed board/specified number or amount
[è]to be hungry/hungry/to starve (sb)
[è]palate/roof of the mouth
emo[e mo]惡魔demon
emo[è mó]惡魔demon/fiend
eye[e ye]額葉frontal lobe
eye[é yè]額葉frontal lobe
fa[fá]short of/tired
[fá]to cut down/to fell/to dispatch an expedition against/to attack/to boast
[fá]to turn the soil/upturned soil
[fá]large boat
[fā]to remove evil/to cleanse/to wash away
[fǎ]France/French/abbr. for 法國
[fǎ]law/method/way/Buddhist teaching/Legalist
[fà]enamel ware/cloisonne ware
[fā]to send out/to show (one's feeling)/to issue/to develop/to make a bundle of money/classifier for gunshots (rounds)
[fá]raft (of logs)
[fá]to punish/to penalize
[fá]denseness of grass-foliage
[fǎ]francium (chemistry) (Tw)
[fá]powerful individual, family or group/clique/(loanword) valve
fading[fa ding]法定legal
fading[fǎ dìng]法定legal/statutory/rightful
fake[fa ke]發棵budding
fake[fá kē]伐柯(cf Book of Songs) How to fashion an ax handle? You need an ax/fig. to follow a principle/fig. to act as matchmaker
[fǎ kè]法克fuck (loanword)
[fā kē]發棵budding
fan[fán]ordinary/commonplace/mundane/temporal/of the material world (as opposed to supernatural or immortal levels)/every/all/whatever/altogether/gist/outline/note of Chinese musical scale
[fǎn]contrary/in reverse/inside out or upside down/to reverse/to return/to oppose/opposite/against/anti-/to rebel/to use analogy/instead/abbr. for 反切 phonetic system
[fán]a grave
[fǎn]to take/to fetch
[fàn]abbr. for 梵教 Brahmanism/abbr. for Sanskrit 梵語 or 梵文/abbr. for 梵蒂岡, the Vatican
[fán]surname Fan
[fǎn]a kind of tree
[fàn]to float/to be suffused with/general/extensive/non-specific/flood/pan- (prefix)
[fán]to feel vexed/to bother/to trouble/superfluous and confusing/edgy
[fán]burn/to roast meat for sacrifice
[fàn]to violate/to offend/to assault/criminal/crime/to make a mistake/recurrence (of mistake or sth bad)
[fān]foreign (non-Chinese)/barbarian/classifier for occurrences (of an event, action or speech utterance)/classifier for iterations: times, -fold (as in twofold etc)/classifier for situations: kind, sort
[fán]osier basket of brides
[fàn]bamboo mold
[fān]big winnow basket
[fán]complicated/many/in great numbers/abbr. for 繁體, traditional form of Chinese characters
[fān]to translate
[fān]to turn over/to flip over/to overturn/to rummage through/to translate/to decode/to double/to climb over or into/to cross
[fán]cooked meat used in sacrifice
[fàn]surname Fan
[fān]foreign (non-Chinese)
[fán]luxuriant/flourishing/to reproduce/to proliferate
[fán]plant similar to coco-grass 莎草 (classical)
[fān]fence/hedge/screen/barrier/vassal state
[fán]Artemisia stellariana
[fán]cyrtophyllus sp.
[fàn]to deal in/to buy and sell/to trade in/to retail/to peddle
[fán]paws of animal
[fǎn]to return (to)
[fán]vanadium (chemistry)
[fān]to gallop/variant of 帆
[fàn]cooked rice/meal/(loanword) fan/devotee
[fǎn]sole or flounder
fang[fǎng]仿to imitate/to copy
[fāng]surname Fang
[fāng]lane (usually as part of a street name)/memorial archway
[fáng]to hinder/(in the negative or interrogative) (no) harm/(what) harm
[fáng]surname Fang
[fáng]house/room/branch of an extended family/classifier for family members (or concubines)
[fàng]to put/to place/to release/to free/to let go/to let out/to set off (fireworks)
[fāng]surname Fang
[fāng]square/power or involution (math.)/upright/honest/fair and square/direction/side/party (to a contract, dispute etc)/place/method/prescription (medicine)/just when/only or just/classifier for square things/abbr. for square or cubic meter
[fǎng]dawn/to begin
[fāng]Santalum album/square wooden pillar
[fāng]name of a river
[fǎng]to spin (cotton or hemp etc)/fine woven silk fabric
[fáng]animal fat
[fǎng]2 boats lashed together/large boat
[fǎng]to visit/to call on/to seek/to inquire/to investigate
[fāng]name of a district in Sichuan
[fāng]francium (chemistry)
[fáng]to protect/to defend/to guard against/to prevent
[fáng]bream/Zeus japanicus
fare[fa re]發熱feverish
fare[fā rè]發熱to have a high temperature/feverish/unable to think calmly/to emit heat
fating[fa ting]法庭court of law
fating[fǎ tíng]法庭court of law
faxing[fa xing]發行to publish
faxing[fā xíng]發行to publish/to issue (stocks, currency etc)/to release/to distribute (a film)
[fà xíng]髮型hairstyle/coiffure/hairdo
faze[fa ze]法則law
faze[fǎ zé]法則law/rule/code
[fá zé]罰則penal provision/penalty
fen[fèn]classifier for gifts, newspaper, magazine, papers, reports, contracts etc
[fèn]to instigate/to ruin/to destroy
[fēn]to divide/to separate/to distribute/to allocate/to distinguish (good and bad)/part or subdivision/fraction/one tenth (of certain units)/unit of length equivalent to 0.33 cm/minute (unit of time)/minute (angular measurement unit)/a point (in sports or games)/0.01 yuan (unit of money)
[fēn]leave instructions/to order
[fén]grave/tomb/embankment/mound/ancient book
[fèn]to exert oneself (bound form)
[fén]ornamental tassel on bridle
[fēn]not yet (Wu dialect)
[fēn]aromatic wood/perfume/fragrance
[fén]beams in roof/confused
[fén]name of a river
[fén]edge of water
[fèn]name of a river/valley vapor
[fén]to burn
[fèn]to sleep (Cantonese)/Mandarin equivalent: 睡
[fěn]powder/cosmetic face powder/food prepared from starch/noodles or pasta made from any kind of flour/whitewash/white/pink
[fén]hemp seeds/luxurious/abundant
[fén]gelded pig
[fén]war chariot
[fēn]to steam rice
[fèn]any ray (fish) variety of Myliobatiformes order
[fēn]the wild pigeon
[fén]large brass drum
fence[fen ce]分冊volume (one of a series)
fence[fēn cè]分冊volume (one of a series)/fascicule
foxing[fo xing]佛性Buddha nature
foxing[fó xìng]佛性Buddha nature
fuming[fu ming]復命debriefing
fuming[fù mìng]復命to report on completion of a mission/debriefing
fuse[fu se]膚色skin color
fuse[fū sè]膚色skin color
fuze[fu ze]負責to take responsibility for
fuze[fú zé]福澤good fortune
[fù zé]負責to be in charge of/to take responsibility for/to be to blame/conscientious
[fù zé]附則supplementary provision/bylaw/additional article (law)
gala[ga la]嘎啦rattling
gala[gā la]嘎啦(onom.) rumbling/rattling
[gá la]嘎啦to quarrel (Northeastern Mandarin)
[gā lá]旮旯corner/nook/recess/out-of-the-way place
[gāng]earthen jug, crock, cistern
[gǎng]mound/policeman's beat
[gàng]stupid (Wu dialect)
[gāng]to raise aloft with both hands/(of two or more people) to carry sth together
[gàng]thick pole/bar/rod/thick line/to mark with a thick line/to sharpen (knife)/(old) coffin-bearing pole
[gǎng]Hong Kong, abbr. for 香港/surname Gang
[gāng]rectal prolapse
[gāng]bamboos placed across wooden frames on which grain may be stored in damp climates
[gāng]head rope of a fishing net/guiding principle/key link/class (taxonomy)/outline/program
[gāng]jar/vat/classifier for loads of laundry
[gāng]stars of the Big Dipper that constitute the tail of the dipper
[gāng]hanging bowl for lamp or fish
gangling[gang ling]槓鈴barbell
gangling[gàng líng]槓鈴barbell
[gāng lǐng]綱領program (i.e. plan of action)/guiding principle
gong[gong]meritorious deed or service
gong[gōng]to provide/to supply
[gòng]sacrificial offering/to confess
[gōng]public/collectively owned/common/international (e.g. high seas, metric system, calendar)/make public/fair/just/Duke, highest of five orders of nobility 五等爵位/honorable (gentlemen)/father-in-law/male (animal)
[gòng]common/general/to share/together/total/altogether/abbr. for 共產黨, Communist party
[gōng]meritorious deed or service/achievement/result/service/accomplishment/work (physics)
[gōng]to bow/to salute
[gōng]surname Gong
[gōng]palace/temple/castration (as corporal punishment)/first note in pentatonic scale
[gǒng]hands joined
[gōng]surname Gong
[gōng]a bow (weapon)/to bend/to arch (one's back etc)
[gǒng]to cup one's hands in salute/to surround/to arch/to dig earth with the snout/arched
[gōng]to attack/to accuse/to study
[gǒng]mercury (chemistry)
[gōng]bamboo hat
[gōng]upper arm/arm
[gōng]scolopendra centipede
[gōng]big/cup made of horn/horn wine container
[gòng]surname Gong
[gòng]to offer tribute/tribute/gifts
[gōng]body/oneself/personally/to bow
[gōng]surname Gong
gouge[gou ge]夠格qualified
gouge[gòu gé]夠格able to pass muster/qualified/apt/presentable
guide[gui de]貴德Guide county in Hainan Tibetan autonomous prefecture 海南藏族自治州, Qinghai
guide[guì dé]貴德Guide county in Hainan Tibetan autonomous prefecture 海南藏族自治州, Qinghai
guiding[gui ding]規定to stipulate
guiding[guī dìng]規定provision/to fix/to set/to formulate/to stipulate/to provide/regulation/rule
[guì dìng]貴定Guiding county in Qiannan Buyei and Miao autonomous prefecture 黔南州, Guizhou
[gǔn]to boil/to roll/to take a hike/Get lost!
[gǔn]roller/to level with a roller
[gǔn]cord/embroidered sash/to sew
[gǔn]to bank up the roots of plants
[gǔn]imperial robe
[gǔn]to revolve/stone roller
[gǔn]Gun, mythical father of Yu the Great 大禹
ha[hā]abbr. for 哈薩克斯坦, Kazakhstan/abbr. for 哈爾濱, Harbin
[hā](interj.) ha!/(slang) to be infatuated with/to adore/abbr. for 哈士奇, husky (dog)
[hǎ]a Pekinese/a pug/(dialect) to scold
[hā]hafnium (chemistry)
hailing[hai ling]海嶺mid-ocean ridge
hailing[hǎi lǐng]海嶺mid-ocean ridge
[hǎi líng]海陵Hailing district of Taizhou city 泰州市, Jiangsu
[hāng]to tamp/(slang) popular/hot
[háng]surname Hang/Hangzhou
[háng]cangue (stocks to punish criminals)
[hàng]a ferry/fog/flowing
[háng]to quilt
[háng]boat/ship/craft/to navigate/to sail/to fly
[háng]row/line/commercial firm/line of business/profession/to rank (first, second etc) among one's siblings (by age)/(in data tables) row/(Tw) column
[háng]fly down
he[he]to drink
he[hé]to beat/to hit
[hé]surname He
[hè]surname He
[hé]to impeach
[hé]to close/to join/to fit/to be equal to/whole/together/round (in battle)/conjunction (astronomy)/1st note of pentatonic scale
[hē]expel breath/my goodness
[hé]surname He/Japanese (food, clothes etc)
[hé]and/together with/with/sum/union/peace/harmony
[hè]to compose a poem in reply (to sb's poem) using the same rhyme sequence/to join in the singing/to chime in with others
[hē]to drink
[hè]to shout
[hè]scold with severity
[hē](interjection expressing surprise) oh!/wow!
[hè]to scare/to intimidate/to threaten/(interjection showing disapproval) tut-tut
[hé]pit/stone/nucleus/nuclear/to examine/to check/to verify
[hé]to dry/to dry up
[hé]why not
[hé]small box/case
[hè]glistening plumage of birds
[hé]Holland/the Netherlands/abbr. for 荷蘭
[hè]to carry on one's shoulder or back/burden/responsibility
[hé]He river in Shandong
[hē]to sting
[hè]brown/gray or dark color/coarse hemp cloth
[hé]to investigate
[hē]to scold
[hé]raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides)/raccoon of North China, Korea and Japan (Japanese: tanuki)
[hè]surname He
[hè]to congratulate
[hè]surname He
[hè]awe-inspiring/abbr. for 赫茲, hertz (Hz)
[hé]name of a person
[hé]small bell
[hé]door/to close/whole
[hé]buskin/name of a tribe/turban
[hé]maxilla and mandible
[hé]crossbill/long-tailed pheasant
[hé](literary) to gnaw/to bite
hen[hen]to hate
hen[hěn]to act contrary to
[hěn]old variant of 很/also used as an exclamation of anger
[hèn]interjection expressing disagreement, reproach or dissatisfaction
[hèn]to hate/to regret
[hén]to pull/to drag/to stop
[hěn]ruthless/fierce/ferocious/determined/to harden (one's heart)
here[he re]核熱nuclear heat
here[hé rè]核熱nuclear heat
hexing[he xing]核型karyotype (genetics)
hexing[hé xíng]核型karyotype (genetics)
huge[hu ge]呼格vocative case (grammar)
huge[hū gé]呼格vocative case (grammar)
hula[hu la]唿喇whoosh
hula[hū lǎ]唿喇whoosh
jibing[ji bing]疾病disease
jibing[jí bìng]疾病disease/sickness/ailment
[jī bīng]積冰ice accretion
jingle[jing le]靜樂Jingle county in Xinzhou 忻州, Shanxi
jingle[jìng lè]靜樂Jingle county in Xinzhou 忻州, Shanxi
jingling[jing ling]精靈fairy
jingling[jìng líng]竟陵Jingling, former name of Tianmen 天門, Hubei
[jīng líng]精靈spirit/fairy/elf/sprite/genie
[jǐng líng]警鈴alarm bell
jinxing[jin xing]金星gold star
jinxing[jìn xìng]盡性displaying fully/developing to the greatest extent
[jìn xìng]盡興to enjoy oneself to the full/to one's heart's content
[jìn xíng]進行to advance/to conduct/underway/in progress/to do/to carry out/to carry on/to execute
[jīn xīng]金星Venus (planet)
[jīn xīng]金星gold star/stars (that one sees from blow to the head etc)
keen[ke en]科恩Cohen (name)
keen[kē ēn]科恩Cohen (name)
ken[ken]to consent
ken[kěn]to gnaw/to nibble/to bite
[kěn]to reclaim (land)/to cultivate
[kèn]to push down/to make things difficult/to take by force
[kèn]rumbling of rolling stones
[kěn]to agree/to consent/to be ready (to do sth)/willing
[kèn]side seam in an upper garment
la[la]to pull
la[lá]to slash
[lā](onom.) sound of singing, cheering etc/(dialect) to chat
[la]sentence-final particle, contraction of 了啊, indicating exclamation/particle placed after each item in a list of examples
[lā](onom.) sound of wind, rain etc
[lā]to pull/to play (a bowed instrument)/to drag/to draw/to chat
[là]to destroy/to rip/to tear open
[là]to plant trees (old)
[lá]a huge boulder/a towering rock
[là]12th lunar month
[là]12th lunar month/preserved (meat, fish etc)
[là]to leave out/to be missing/to leave behind or forget to bring/to lag or fall behind
[là]hot (spicy)/pungent
[la]leg warmer
lade[la de]拉德rad (unit of absorbed dose of ionizing radiation) (loanword)
lade[lā dé]拉德rad (unit of absorbed dose of ionizing radiation) (loanword)
lading[la ding]拉丁Latin
lading[lā dīng]拉丁Latin/(in former times) to press-gang/to kidnap and force people into service
lake[la ke]拉客to solicit (guests, clients, passengers etc)
lake[lā kè]拉客to solicit (guests, clients, passengers etc)/to importune
[là kè]臘克lacquer (loanword)
lama[la ma]辣媽(coll.) hot mom
lama[lǎ ma]喇嘛lama, spiritual teacher in Tibetan Buddhism
[là mā]辣媽(coll.) hot mom
lean[le an]樂安Le'an county in Fuzhou 撫州, Jiangxi
lean[lè ān]樂安Le'an county in Fuzhou 撫州, Jiangxi
lei[lěi]to injure/puppet
[lěi]lazy/tired out, worn fatigued
[lēi]to strap tightly/to bind
[lei]sentence-final particle similar to 了, but carrying a tone of approval
[lěi]rampart/base (in baseball)/to build with stones, bricks etc
[léi]surname Lei
[léi]beat/to grind
[lèi]to beat (a drum)
[léi]to beat
[lěi]mountain-climbing shoes
[léi]logs rolled down in defense of city
[léi]fields divided by dikes
[lěi]lumpy/rock pile/uneven/fig. sincere/open and honest
[lěi]a heap of stones/boulders
[lèi]roll stone down hill/stone pile
[lěi]to accumulate/continuous/repeated
[lèi]tired/weary/to strain/to wear out/to work hard
[léi]surname Lei
[léi]rope/to bind together/to twist around
[léi]large earthenware wine jar
[léi]basket for carrying earth
[léi]to entwine/creeper/bramble/basket used to contain soil
[lěi]to eulogize the dead/eulogy
[lèi]pour out libation/sprinkle
[léi]radium (chemistry)
[léi]surname Lei
[léi]thunder/mine (weapon)/(Internet slang) terrifying/terrific
[lèi]kind/type/class/category/similar/like/to resemble
[lěi]flying squirrel
lichen[li chen]李忱Li Chen, personal name of seventeenth Tang emperor Xuanzong 宣宗 (810-859), reigned 846-859
lichen[lǐ chén]李忱Li Chen, personal name of seventeenth Tang emperor Xuanzong 宣宗 (810-859), reigned 846-859
lie[lie]unending exertion
lie[liè]cold and raw
[liè]to arrange/to line up/file/series/(in data tables) column/(Tw) row
[liè]unending exertion
[liě]to draw back the corners of one's mouth
[lie]modal particle expressing exclamation
[liè](literary) equal/enclosure/dike/embankment
[liè]to hold, to grasp/to hold the hair/to pull at
[liè]pure/to cleanse
[liè]ardent/intense/fierce/stern/upright/to give one's life for a noble cause/exploits/achievements
[liè]to roll the eyeballs to look
[liè]Cyrtoxiphus ritsemae
[liè]to split/to crack/to break open/to rend
[liè]step across
like[li ke]理科the sciences
like[lì kè]力克to prevail with difficulty
[lǐ kē]理科the sciences (as opposed to the humanities 文科)
[lì kè]立刻forthwith/immediate/prompt/promptly/straightway/thereupon/at once
[lí kè]釐克centigram
liming[li ming]黎明dawn
liming[lí míng]黎明dawn/daybreak
lining[li ning]李寧Li Ning (1963-), PRC gymnast, winner of three gold medals at Los Angeles 1984 Olympic games
lining[lǐ níng]李寧Li Ning (1963-), PRC gymnast, winner of three gold medals at Los Angeles 1984 Olympic games
[lòng]to sing or chirp (of birds)/music sound
[lǒng]ridge between fields/row of crops/grave mound
[lǒng]ridge between fields/row of crops/grave mound
[lóng]steep/precipitous (of mountain)
[lǒng]to gather together/to collect/to approach/to draw near to/to add/to sum up/to comb (hair)
[lóng]twilight/approaching light of dawn/dim
[lóng]rising moon
[lóng]rapids/waterfall/torrential (rain)
[lóng]tinkling of gem-pendants
[lóng]infirmity/retention of urine
[lóng]to grind/to mill
[lóng]to mill
[lóng]enclosing frame made of bamboo, wire etc/cage/basket/steamer basket/to cover/to cage/to embrace/to manipulate through trickery
[lǒng]to cover/to cage/covering
[lóng]Polygonum posumbu
[lóng]long and wide valley
[lóng]to walk
[lóng]surname Long/short for 吉隆坡, Kuala Lumpur
[lōng]sound of drums
[lóng]grand/intense/prosperous/to swell/to bulge
[lǒng]short name for Gansu province 甘肅省
[lóng]surname Long
ma[ma]modal particle indicating that sth is obvious/particle indicating a pause for emphasis
[mā]to wipe
[mǎ]name of a river
[mǎ]weight/number/code/to pile/to stack/classifier for length or distance (yard), happenings etc
[mà](arch.) religious ritual on setting out for war
[mà]to scold/to abuse/to curse
[mǎ]surname Ma/abbr. for Malaysia 馬來西亞
[mǎ]horse/horse or cavalry piece in Chinese chess/knight in Western chess
[má]surname Ma
[má]generic name for hemp, flax etc/hemp or flax fiber for textile materials/sesame/(of materials) rough or coarse/pocked/pitted/to have pins and needles or tingling/to feel numb
[má]exclamatory final particle
[ma]interrogative final particle
maiming[mai ming]賣命to shed one's last ounce of strength for
maiming[mái míng]埋名to conceal one's identity/to live incognito
[mài mìng]賣命to throw one's life in for/to haplessly give one's life for/to sacrifice oneself torturously working for another or for a group/to pour in one's utmost effort/to shed one's last ounce of strength for
make[ma ke]馬科Equidae
make[mǎ kè]馬克Mark (name)
[mǎ kē]馬科Equidae/horse family
male[ma le]馬勒Mahler (name)
male[mǎ lè]馬勒Mahler (name)/Gustav Mahler (1860-1911), Austrian composer
mama[ma ma]媽媽mother
mama[mā ma]媽媽mama/mommy/mother
[mǎ má]馬麻mommy
man[mán]to blame
[màn]to plaster
[màn]surname Man
[mǎn]the youngest
[mǎn]滿Manchu ethnic group
[mǎn]滿to fill/full/filled/packed/fully/completely/quite/to reach the limit/to satisfy/satisfied/contented
[màn]free/unrestrained/to inundate
[màn]overflow of water/spreading
[màn]to spread
[mán]to conceal from/to keep (sb) in the dark
[màn]plain thin silk/slow/unadorned
[mán]turnip/Brassica campestris
[màn]creeper/to spread
[mán]to deceive
[màn]to slander/to be disrespectful/to slight
[màn]place name
[màn]side of coin without words/trowel
[mán]steamed bread
[màn]head ornaments/pretty hair
[mán](of woman's hair) beautiful/flower garland worn as an ornament
[mán]eel/Anguilla lostoniensis
mane[man e]滿額the full amount
mane[mǎn é]滿額the full amount/to fulfill the quota
manning[man ning]滿擰totally inconsistent
manning[mǎn nǐng]滿擰totally inconsistent/completely at odds
me[me]suffix, used to form interrogative 什麼
me[me]suffix, used to form interrogative 什麼, what?, indefinite 這麼 thus, etc
meme[me me]麼麼kissing sound (slang onom.)
meme[me me]麼麼kissing sound (slang onom.)
men[mén]mountain pass/defile (archaic)
[men]plural marker for pronouns, and nouns referring to individuals
[mēn]stuffy/shut indoors/to smother/to cover tightly
[mèn]bored/depressed/melancholy/sealed/airtight/tightly closed
[mén]lay hands on/to cover
[mèn]to cook in a covered vessel/to casserole/to stew
[mén]porridge/rice sprouts
[mén]mendelevium (chemistry)
[mén]surname Men
[mén]gate/door/gateway/doorway/opening/valve/switch/way to do something/knack/family/house/(religious) sect/school (of thought)/class/category/phylum or division (taxonomy)/classifier for large guns/classifier for lessons, subjects, branches of technology
mi[mì]see also 平寶蓋
[mì]power/exponent (math.)/to cover with a cloth/cloth cover/veil
[mī]sound for calling a cat
[mì](phonetic) as in pyrimidine
[mì]to plaster/whitewash (wall)
[mì]surname Mi
[mì]surname Mi/name of an ancient state
[mì]chariot canopy
[mǐ]to stop/repress
[mí]full/to fill/completely/more
[mì]name of a river, the southern tributary of Miluo river 汨羅江
[mì]to secrete/to excrete
[mǐ]Mi river in Hunan, tributary of Xiangjiang 湘江
[mí]brimming or overflowing
[mí]to blind (as with dust)
[mī]to narrow one's eyes/to squint/(dialect) to take a nap
[mí]surname Mi
[mí]memorial tablet in a temple commemorating a deceased father
[mǐ]surname Mi
[mǐ]rice/meter (classifier)
[mí]surname Mi
[mí]rice gruel/rotten/to waste (money)
[mì]fine silk
[mí]to tie up
[mì]cover of cloth for food/veil
[mǐ]surname Mi
[mǐ]to bleat (of a sheep)
[mǐ]amidine (chemistry)
[mi]used in rare Japanese place names such as 袮宜町 Minorimachi and 袮宜田 Minorita
[mì]to seek/to find
[mí]to bewilder/crazy about/fan/enthusiast/lost/confused
[mí]unfiltered wine/wine brewed twice
[mǐ]formerly used for the chemical elements americium 鎇 and osmium 鋨
[mí]to waste (money)
[mǐ]extravagant/go with fashion/not
[mí]surname Mi
[mí]moose/river bank
[mí]fawn/young of animals
[mì]cover of tripod kettle
mile[mi le]彌勒Maitreya, the future Bodhisattva, to come after Shakyamuni Buddha
mile[mí lè]彌勒Mile county in Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous prefecture, Yunnan/Maitreya, the future Bodhisattva, to come after Shakyamuni Buddha
mingling[ming ling]命令order
mingling[míng líng]名伶famous actor or actress (Chinese opera)
[mìng lìng]命令order/command
[míng lìng]明令to decree
mini[mi ni]迷你mini (as in mini-skirt or Mini Cooper) (loanword)
mini[mí nǐ]迷你mini (as in mini-skirt or Mini Cooper) (loanword)
minting[min ting]民庭civil court
minting[mín tíng]民庭civil court
mocha[mo cha]抹茶green tea powder (Japanese: matcha)
mocha[mǒ chá]抹茶green tea powder (Japanese: matcha)
[mò chá]末茶tea powder (matcha)
mode[mo de]驀地unexpectedly
mode[mò de]驀地suddenly/unexpectedly
moping[mo ping]抹平to smooth out
moping[mǒ píng]抹平to flatten/to level/to smooth out
mu[mù]name of tribe
[mù]canvass for contributions/to recruit/to collect/to raise
[mǔ]woman who looks after small children/(old) female tutor
[mǔ]governess/old woman
[mù]curtain or screen/canopy or tent/headquarters of a general/act (of a play)
[mù]to admire
[mǔ]thumb/big toe
[mù]surname Mu
[mù]tree/wood/coffin/wooden/simple/numb/one of the eight categories of ancient musical instruments 八音
[mù]ornaments on chariot-shaft
[mǔ]mother/elderly female relative/origin/source/(of animals) female
[mù]to bathe/to cleanse/to receive/to be given
[mǔ](of a bird, animal or plant) male/key/hills
[mù]surname Mu
[mù]to herd/to breed livestock/to govern (old)/government official (old)
[mǔ]classifier for fields/unit of area equal to one fifteenth of a hectare
[mù]eye/item/section/list/catalogue/table of contents/order (taxonomy)/goal/name/title
[mù]surname Mu
[mù]solemn/reverent/calm/burial position in an ancestral tomb (old)
[mù]molybdenum (chemistry)
[mù]drizzle/fine rain
muse[mu se]暮色twilight
muse[mù sè]暮色twilight
name[na me]那麼like that
name[nà me]那麼like that/in that way/or so/so/so very much/about/in that case
nite[ni te]尼特nit (symbol: nt), unit of luminance (loanword)
nite[ní tè]尼特nit (symbol: nt), unit of luminance (loanword)
nixing[ni xing]逆行to go the wrong way
nixing[nì xíng]逆行to go the wrong way/to go against one-way traffic regulation
nu[nu]to exert
nu[nǔ]to exert/to strive
[nǔ]to pout
[nú]worn out old horses
nuke[nu ke]努克Nuuk, capital of Greenland
nuke[nǔ kè]努克Nuuk, capital of Greenland
o[o]I see
o[ó]oh (interjection indicating doubt or surprise)
[ò]oh (interjection indicating that one has just learned sth)
[o]sentence-final particle that conveys informality, warmth, friendliness or intimacy/may also indicate that one is stating a fact that the other person is not aware of
[ō]I see/oh
pa[pa]to fear
pa[pā]%percent (Tw)
[pā](onom.) bang/pop/pow
[pà]to wrap/kerchief/handkerchief/headscarf/pascal (SI unit)
[pà]surname Pa
[pà]to be afraid/to fear/to dread/to be unable to endure/perhaps
[pá]to rake up/to steal/to braise/to crawl
[pá]to crawl/to climb/to get up or sit up
[pá]a rake
[pā]corolla of flower
[pā]to lie on one's stomach/to lean forward, resting one's upper body (on a desktop etc)/(Tw) percent
[pá]to squat/crouch
pagan[pa gan]爬竿pole-climbing (as gymnastics or circus act)
pagan[pá gān]爬竿pole-climbing (as gymnastics or circus act)/climbing pole
pan[pàn]to judge/to sentence/to discriminate/to discern/obviously (different)
[pàn]to betray/to rebel/to revolt
[pán]to move
[pán]large scarf
[pàn]to disregard/to reject
[pān]to climb (by pulling oneself up)/to implicate/to claim connections of higher status
[pán]wooden tray
[pàn](literary) to melt/to dissolve
[pán]to wade through water or mud
[pān]surname Pan/Pan, faun in Greek mythology, son of Hermes
[pán]classifier for strips of land or bamboo, shops, factories etc/slit bamboo or chopped wood (dialect)
[pàn]edge/side/boundary/bank (of a river etc)/shore
[pān]surname Pan
[pán]plate/dish/tray/board/hard drive (computing)/to build/to coil/to check/to examine/to transfer (property)/to make over/classifier for food: dish, helping/to coil/classifier for coils of wire/classifier for games of chess
[pàn]to hope for/to long for/to expect
[pān]show the whites of eyes
[pán]name of a river in Shaanxi
[pán]small bag/sack
[pán]healthy/at ease
[pán]to coil
[pàn]loop/belt/band/to tie together/to stitch together
[pàn]pleasing/clever talk
[pàn]to catch sight of in a doorway (old)
[pán]large belt
pang[pāng](onom.) bang
[pǎng](onom.) bang!
[páng]surname Pang
[páng]beside/one side/other/side/self/the right-hand side of split Chinese character, often the phonetic
[pāng]rushing (water)
[pǎng]to weed
[pāng]puffed (swollen)
[páng]surname Pang
[páng]heavy fall of rain or snow
[páng]surname Pang
panting[pan ting]潘婷Pantene (hair products brand)
panting[pān tíng]潘婷Pantene (hair products brand)
pen[pen]to spurt
pen[pēn]to spurt/to blow out/to puff out/to snort
[pēn]to puff/to spout/to spray/to spurt
[pèn](of a smell) strong/peak season (of a crop)
[pén]flowing of water/name of a river
[pén]basin/flower pot/unit of volume equal to 12 斗 and 8 升, approx 128 liters
[pǐ]to part
[pī]to hack/to chop/to split open/(of lightning) to strike
[pǐ]to split in two/to divide
[pī]mate/one of a pair
[pǐ]classifier for horses, mules etc/ordinary person/classifier for cloth: bolt/horsepower
[pī]child's buttocks (esp. Cantonese)/(onom.) crack, slap, clap, clatter etc
[pǐ]great/great fortune
[pī]blank (e.g. for a coin)/unburnt earthenware/semifinished product
[pí]low wall
[pì]to match/to pair
[pì]fart/flatulence/nonsense/(usu. in the negative) what/(not) a damn thing
[pǐ]to prepare
[pī]to ascertain/to act on/to criticize/to pass on/classifier for batches, lots, military flights/tier (for the ranking of universities and colleges)
[pī]to drape over one's shoulders/to open/to unroll/to split open/to spread out
[pǐ]to beat the breast
[pí]to adjoin/to border on
[pì]luxuriant (of water plants)
[pì]bleach/to clean
[pī]puppy badger
[pì]glazed tile
[pǐ]classifier for cloth: bolt
[pǐ]constipation/lump in the abdomen
[pí]surname Pi
[pí]leather/skin/fur/pico- (one trillionth)/naughty
[pí]to comb/fine-toothed comb/trap for prawns
[pī]error/carelessness/spoiled silk
[pí]brown bear
[pí]Malva sylvestris
[pǐ]picene (C22H14)
[pí]a kind of insect (old)
[pí]tick (zoology)
[pí]surname Pi
[pì]to give an example
[pī]surname Pi/Han dynasty county in modern Jiangsu
[pí]place name
[pí]beryllium (chemistry)
[pī]flat arrow-head/plow blade
[pì]to open (a door)/to open up (for development)/to dispel/to refute/to repudiate
[pí]mountain in ancient Chu
[pī]clap of thunder
[pì]a wig
[pī]wild duck
[pí]drum carried on horseback
pie[pie]to throw
pie[piē]to cast away/to fling aside
[piě]to throw/to cast/left-slanting downward brush stroke (calligraphy)
[piē]protium 1H/light hydrogen, the most common isotope of hydrogen, having no neutron, so atomic weight 1
[piē]to shoot a glance/glance/to appear in a flash
[piě]Brassica campestris subsp. rapa
pier[pi er]皮爾Pierre, capital of South Dakota
pier[pí ěr]皮爾Pierre, capital of South Dakota
pin[pin]to piece together
pin[pǐn]article/commodity/product/goods/kind/grade/rank/character/disposition/nature/temperament/variety/to taste sth/to sample/to criticize/to comment/to judge/to size up/fret (on a guitar or lute)
[pīn]to be a mistress or lover
[pín]imperial concubine
[pīn]to piece together/to join together/to stake all/adventurous/at the risk of one's life/to spell
[pǐn]classifier for roof beams and trusses
[pìn](of a bird, animal or plant) female/keyhole/valley
[pín]to glare angrily/to open the eyes with anger/to knit the brows
[pīn]sound of crushed stone
[pìn]to engage (a teacher etc)/to hire/to betroth/betrothal gift/to get married (of woman)
[pín]marsiliaceae/clover fern
[pín]to scowl/to knit the brows
ping[pīng](onom.) ping/bing
[pīng]to send/to let go
[píng]a plain/ping, unit of area equal to approx. 3.3058 square meters (used in Japan and Taiwan)
[píng](standing) screen
[píng]to cover/screen/awning
[píng]surname Ping
[píng]flat/level/equal/to tie (make the same score)/to draw (score)/calm/peaceful
[píng]to lean against/to rely on/on the basis of/no matter (how, what etc)/proof
[píng]chess-like game
[píng]sound of water splashing
[píng]wash/bleach (fabric)
[píng]name of one kind of jade
[píng]bottle/vase/pitcher/classifier for wine and liquids
[pīng]chivalrous knight
[pīng](old) (onom.) sound of water against rocks
[píng]to discuss/to comment/to criticize/to judge/to choose (by public appraisal)
[píng]軿curtained carriage used by women/to gather together/to assemble
[píng]to gallop/to assist/to attack/to wade/great
[píng]family of flatfish/sole
piping[pi ping]批評to criticize
piping[pī píng]批評to criticize/criticism
pita[pi ta]疲沓negligent
pita[pí ta]疲沓slack/remiss/negligent
pixie[pi xie]皮鞋leather shoes
pixie[pí xié]皮鞋leather shoes
poling[po ling]迫令to order
poling[pò lìng]迫令to order/to force
puke[pu ke]撲克poker (game) (loanword)
puke[pū kè]撲克poker (game) (loanword)/playing cards
pushier[pu shi er]蒲式耳bushel (eight gallons)
pushier[pú shì ěr]蒲式耳bushel (eight gallons)
ran[ran]to dye
ran[rǎn]surname Ran
[rǎn]edge of a tortoiseshell
[rǎn]to dye/to catch (a disease)/to acquire (bad habits etc)/to contaminate/to add color washes to a painting
[rán]correct/right/so/thus/like this/-ly
[rán]to burn/to ignite/to light/fig. to spark off (hopes)/to start (debate)/to raise (hopes)
[rán]dog meat
[rǎn]luxuriant growth/passing (of time)
[rán]a caterpillar
rang[rang]to permit
[rǎng]to blurt out/to shout
[rǎng]to push up one's sleeves/to reject or resist/to seize/to perturb/to steal
[ráng]pulp (of fruit)/sth inside a covering/bad/weak
[ráng]sacrifice for avoiding calamity
[ráng]surname Rang
[ráng]abundant/stalk of grain
[ráng]a kind of wild ginger
[ràng]to yield/to permit/to let sb do sth/to have sb do sth/to make sb (feel sad etc)/by (indicates the agent in a passive clause, like 被)
re[re]to heat up
re[rě]to salute/make one's curtsy
[rě]to provoke/to irritate/to vex/to stir up/to anger/to attract (troubles)/to cause (problems)
[rè]to warm up/to heat up/hot (of weather)/heat/fervent
[rè]heat/to burn
rending[ren ding]認定to believe firmly
rending[rén dīng]人丁number of people in a family/population/(old) adult males/male servants
[rén dìng]人定middle of the night/the dead of night
[rèn dìng]認定to maintain (that sth is true)/to determine (a fact)/determination (of an amount)/of the firm opinion/to believe firmly/to set one's mind on/to identify with
renting[ren ting]任聽to allow (sb to act arbitrarily)
renting[rèn tīng]任聽to allow (sb to act arbitrarily)/to let sb have his head
run[run]to moisten
run[rùn]to moisten/to lubricate/to embellish/moist/glossy/sleek
[rún]twitch (muscle or eyelid)
[rùn]intercalary/an extra day or month inserted into the lunar or solar calendar (such as February 29)
saga[sa ga]薩嘎Saga county, Tibetan: Sa dga' rdzong, in Shigatse prefecture, Tibet
saga[sà gā]薩嘎Saga county, Tibetan: Sa dga' rdzong, in Shigatse prefecture, Tibet
salami[sa la mi]薩拉米salami (loanword)
salami[sà lā mǐ]薩拉米salami (loanword)
sang[sāng]mourning/funeral/(old) corpse
[sàng]to lose sth abstract but important (courage, authority, one's life etc)/to be bereaved of (one's spouse etc)/to die/disappointed/discouraged
[sǎng]push back/push over
[sāng]surname Sang
[sāng]mulberry tree
[sǎng]stone plinth
sate[sa te]薩特Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980), French existential philosopher and novelist
sate[sà tè]薩特Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980), French existential philosopher and novelist
sedan[se dan]色膽boldness in pursuing one's sexual urges
sedan[sè dǎn]色膽boldness in pursuing one's sexual urges
semi[se mi]色迷lecherous
semi[sè mí]色迷crazy about sex/lecherous/horny
sexier[se xi er]塞席爾the Seychelles (Tw)
sexier[sè xí ěr]塞席爾the Seychelles (Tw)
shanghai[shang hai]傷害to harm
shanghai[shàng hǎi]上海Shanghai municipality, central east China, abbr. to 滬
[shāng hài]傷害to injure/to harm
she[shé]surname She
[shè]surname She
[shè]to shoot/to launch/to allude to/radio- (chemistry)
[shè]afraid/be feared/to fear/to frighten/to intimidate
[shé]to break (e.g. stick or bone)/a loss
[shè]to ascend in light steps
[shě]to give up/to abandon/to give alms
[shé]sort out divining stalks
[shè]to take in/to absorb/to assimilate/to act for/to take a photo/photo shoot/photo/to conserve (one's health)
[shè]name of a district in Anhui
[shè]to wade/to be involved/to concern/to experience/to enter (classical)
[shè]name of a river
[shē]She ethnic group
[shè]society/group/club/agency/(old) god of the land
[shè]surname She
[shè]Thea sinensis
[shè]Podisma mikado
[shè]to set up/to arrange/to establish/to found/to display
[shē]to buy or sell on credit/distant/long (time)/to forgive
[shè]to pardon (a convict)
[shè]archer's thumb ring
[shè]mare/female horse
[shè]musk deer (Moschus moschiferus)/also called 香獐子
shouting[shou ting]受聽nice to hear
shouting[shòu tīng]受聽nice to hear/worth listening to
[shōu tīng]收聽to listen to (a radio broadcast)
shun[shun]to suck
shun[shǔn]to suck
[shǔn]strike, hit with hand/tap
[shǔn]draw forth/horizontal railing
[shùn]wink/twinkle/very short time
[shùn]to wink
[shùn]Shun (c. 23rd century BC), mythical sage and leader
[shùn]Hibiscus syriacus
[shùn]to obey/to follow/to arrange/to make reasonable/along/favorable
side[si de]四德four Confucian injunctions
side[sì dé]四德four Confucian injunctions 孝悌忠信 (for men), namely: piety 孝 to one's parents, respect 悌 to one's older brother, loyalty 忠 to one's monarch, faith 信 to one's male friends/the four Confucian virtues for women of morality 德, physical charm 容, propriety in speech 言 and efficiency in needlework 功
siding[si ding]死定to be screwed
siding[sǐ dìng]死定to be screwed/to be toast
simian[si mian]四面all sides
simian[sì miàn]四面all sides
[sǐ miàn]死麵unleavened dough
[sī mián]絲綿silk floss/down
siren[si ren]私人private
siren[sǐ rén]死人dead person/(coll.) to die/(of a death) to happen
[sī rén]私人private/personal/interpersonal/sb with whom one has a close personal relationship/a member of one's clique
song[song]to deliver
song[sóng](coll.) semen/weak and incompetent
[sōng]name of an ancient state
[sòng]surname Song/the Song dynasty (960-1279)/also Song of the Southern dynasties 南朝宋 (420-479)
[sōng]lofty/Mt Song in Henan
[sōng]surname Song
[sōng]name of a river in Jiangsu Province
[sōng](onom.) sound of water
[sǒng]respectful/horrified/to raise (one's shoulders)/to stand on tiptoe/to crane
[sǒng]to excite/to raise up/to shrug/high/lofty/towering
[sōng]Brassica chinensis
[sòng]to read aloud/to recite
[sòng]to deliver/to carry/to give (as a present)/to present (with)/to see off/to send
[sòng]ode/eulogy/to praise in writing/to wish (in letters)
[sòng]dish of food, usu. to be eaten with rice (Cantonese)
[sōng]loose/to loosen/to relax/floss (dry, fluffy food product made from shredded, seasoned meat or fish, used as a topping or filling)
sue[su e]蘇俄Soviet Russia
sue[sū é]蘇俄Soviet Russia
sumo[su mo]塑膜plastic film
sumo[sù mó]塑膜plastic film (abbr. for 塑料薄膜)
sun[sun]bamboo shoot
sun[sūn]surname Sun
[sǔn]to decrease/to lose/to damage/to harm/(coll.) to speak sarcastically/to deride/caustic/mean/one of the 64 hexagrams of the Book of Changes (䷨)
[sūn]to rub with the hand/to stroke
[sǔn]tenon (cabinetmaking)
[sǔn]bamboo shoot
[sǔn]cross-beam for hanging bells
[sūn]fragrant grass
[sūn](literary) supper
sushi[su shi]素食vegetarian food
sushi[sú shì]俗世the vulgar world (Buddhist concept)/secular world
[sú shì]俗事everyday routine/ordinary affairs
[sù shì]夙世previous life
[sù shì]宿世previous life
[sù shí]素食vegetables/vegetarian food
[sū shì]蘇軾Su Shi (1037-1101), also known as Su Dongpo 蘇東坡 northern Song Dynasty writer and calligrapher/one of the Three Su father and sons 三蘇 and one of the Eight Giants of Tang and Song Prose 唐宋八大家
[sù shí]速食fast food (Tw)
tabu[ta bu]踏步stride
tabu[tà bù]踏步stride/to step (on the spot)/to mark time/at a standstill
tan[tan]to bare
[tǎn]sound of many people eating
[tàn]to sigh/to exclaim
[tān]to collapse
[tán]to pluck (a string)/to play (a string instrument)/to spring or leap/to shoot (e.g. with a catapult)/(of cotton) to fluff or tease/to flick/to flip/to accuse/to impeach/elastic (of materials)
[tán]to burn
[tàn]to explore/to search out/to scout/to visit/to stretch forward
[tān]to spread out/vendor's stand
[tán]dark clouds
[tán]raised path between fields
[tán]surname Tan
[tán]surname Tan
[tán]deep pool/pond/pit (dialect)/depression
[tán]surname Tan
[tān]beach/shoal/rapids/classifier for liquids: pool, puddle
[tàn]wood charcoal/coal
[tàn]carbon (chemistry)
[tǎn]sacrifice at the end of mourning
[tán]earthen jar
[tǎn]Miscanthus sacchariflorus (Amur silvergrass)/Miscanthus sinensis (feather grass)
[tǎn]to bare
[tán]surname Tan
[tán]surname Tan
[tán]to speak/to talk/to converse/to chat/to discuss
[tán]surname Tan
[tān]to have a voracious desire for/to covet/greedy/corrupt
[tǎn]pay an advance/silk book cover
[tán]surname Tan/name of an ancient city
[tǎn]brine of pickled meat
[tán]bitter taste in wine/rich/full flavored
[tǎn]tantalum (chemistry)
[tán]long spear
[tán]surname Tan
[tán]to advance
[tán]black, dark/unclear/private
tang[tǎng]if/supposing/in case
[táng]Tang dynasty (618-907)/surname Tang
[táng]to exaggerate/empty/in vain
[tāng](onom.) clang/bong/bang
[tǎng]flat land
[táng](main) hall/large room for a specific purpose/relationship between cousins etc on the paternal side of a family/of the same clan/classifier for classes, lectures etc/classifier for sets of furniture
[táng]dyke/embankment/pool or pond/hot-water bathing pool
[tǎng]state treasury/public funds
[táng]to keep out/to hold off/to ward off/to evade/to spread/to coat/to smear/to daub
[táng]pillar/door post/door or window frame/classifier for doors or windows
[tǎng]to drip/to trickle/to shed (tears)
[tāng]surname Tang
[tāng]soup/hot or boiling water/decoction of medicinal herbs/water in which sth has been boiled
[táng]to warm/to toast
[tàng]to scald/to burn (by scalding)/to blanch (cooking)/to heat (sth) up in hot water/to perm/to iron/scalding hot
[tàng]variant of 趟
[tāng]carbonyl (radical)
[táng]chest (of body)/hollow space/throat
[táng]variety of small cicada with a green back and a clear song (in ancient books)
[táng]praying mantis
[tāng]to wade/to trample/to turn the soil
[tàng]classifier for times, round trips or rows/a time/a trip
[táng]to fall flat/to fall on the face
[tāng]to wade/to trample
[tǎng]to recline/to lie down
[tāng]noise of drums
[tǎng]ancient weapon resembling a pitchfork
taxi[ta xi]踏襲to follow blindly
taxi[tà xí]踏襲to follow blindly
taxing[ta xing]他性otherness
taxing[tā xìng]他性otherness
[tì]to shave
[tī]to scrape the meat from bones/to pick (teeth etc)/to weed out
[tí]old stone or mineral, possibly related to antimony Sb 銻
[tí]to cry/to weep aloud/to crow/to hoot
[tí]used as phonetic/female name
[tì]to do one's duty as a younger brother
[tì]respect, regard/to stand in awe of, to be alarmed
[tí]to carry (hanging down from the hand)/to lift/to put forward/to mention/to raise (an issue)/upwards character stroke/lifting brush stroke (in painting)/scoop for measuring liquid
[tì]get rid of/ivory hairpin
[tī]to select/to nitpick/to expose
[tì]to substitute for/to take the place of/to replace/for/on behalf of/to stand in for
[tì]nasal mucus
[tì]tears/nasal mucus
[tì]long bamboo (for fishing rod)
[tí]coarse greenish black pongee
[tí]orange-red silk/orange-red colored
[tì]shave/to weed
[tì]baby's quilt
[tì]to jump/way of stroke in calligraphy
[tī]to kick/to play (e.g. soccer)
[tí]hoof/pig's trotters
[tí]essential oil of butter
[tī]antimony (chemistry)
[tí]surname Ti
[tí]topic/problem for discussion/exam question/subject/to inscribe/to mention
[tí]spirited horse
[tǐ]body/form/style/system/substance/to experience/aspect (linguistics)
[tí]a kind of hawk
tie[tie]to paste
tie[tiè]to mutter/to talk indistinctly
[tiē]fitting snugly/appropriate/suitable/to paste/to obey
[tiě]invitation card/notice
[tiè]rubbing from incised inscription
[tiē]terpene (chemistry)
[tiē]to stick/to paste/to post (e.g. on a blog)/to keep close to/to fit snugly/to subsidize/allowance (e.g. money for food or housing)/sticker/classifier for sticking plaster: strip
[tiě]surname Tie
[tiě]iron (metal)/arms/weapons/hard/strong/violent/unshakeable/determined/close/tight (slang)
[tiě]dark brown horse
tier[ti er]提爾Tyre (Lebanon)
tier[tí ěr]提爾Tyre (Lebanon)
tiling[ti ling]提領to withdraw (cash from an ATM)
tiling[tí lǐng]提領to withdraw (cash from an ATM)
[tì líng]涕零to shed tears/to weep
timing[ti ming]提名to nominate
timing[tí míng]提名to nominate
[tí míng]題名autograph/to sign one's name
ting[ting]to stop
[tíng]to stop/to halt/to park (a car)
[tíng]main hall/front courtyard/law court
[tīng](reception) hall/living room/office/provincial government department
[tíng]palace courtyard
[tǐng]straight/erect/to stick out (a part of the body)/to (physically) straighten up/to support/to withstand/outstanding/(coll.) quite/very/classifier for machine guns
[tíng]to bump
[tīng]bed side stand
[tǐng]a club (weapon)
[tíng]stagnant water
[tǐng]raised path between fields
[tíng]bamboo pole/spindle
[tīng]silk braided cord
[tīng]to hear/to obey
[tīng]to listen/to hear/to obey/a can (loanword from English "tin")/classifier for canned beverages
[tìng](literary pronunciation, still advocated in Taiwan) to rule/to sentence/to allow
[tǐng]brisket meat/straight
[tǐng]vessel/small ship
[tíng]stalk of grass
[tíng]Draba nemerosa bebe carpa
[tíng]Leptogaster basiralis
[tǐng]big arrow/walk fast
[tíng]clap of thunder
[tǐng]narrow forehead
titan[ti tan]體壇sporting circles
titan[tǐ tán]體壇sporting circles/the world of sport
tong[tóng]surname Tong
[tóng]servant boy
[tōng](onom.) thump/thud
[tóng]name of a mountain
[tóng]surname Tong
[tǒng]to stab/to poke/to prod/to nudge/to disclose
[tóng]sun about to rise
[tóng]light from the rising moon
[tóng]tree name (variously Paulownia, Firmiana or Aleurites)
[tǒng]bucket/(trash) can/barrel (of oil etc)
[tóng]high/name of a pass
[tóng]name of a variety of dog/wild tribes in South China
[tōng]moaning in pain
[tóng]pupil of the eye
[tóng]concrete (混凝土)
[tóng]early-planted late-ripening grain
[tóng]surname Tong
[tǒng]tube/cylinder/to encase in sth cylindrical (such as hands in sleeves etc)
[tǒng]to gather/to unite/to unify/whole
[tóng]罿bird net
[tóng]Chrysanthemum coronarium
[tōng]Aralia papyrifera
[tōng]to go through/to know well/(suffix) expert/to connect/to communicate/open/to clear/classifier for letters, telegrams, phone calls etc
[tòng]classifier for an activity, taken in its entirety (tirade of abuse, stint of music playing, bout of drinking etc)
[tóng]copper (chemistry)/CL:塊
touting[tou ting]偷聽to eavesdrop
touting[tōu tīng]偷聽to eavesdrop/to monitor (secretly)
tuba[tu ba]土壩earth dam
tuba[tù bà]兔爸toolbar (in computer software) (loanword)
[tǔ bà]土壩earth dam/dam of earth and rocks (as opposed to waterproof dam of clay or concrete)
tun[tūn]to swallow/to take
[tūn]move slowly
[tún]to store/hoard
[tún]to station (soldiers)/to store up/village
[tūn]morning sun, sunrise
[tūn]sun above the horizon
[tǔn]to float/to deep-fry
[tūn]planet Jupiter/vomit
[tún]green sprout/foolish
[tùn]to slip out of sth/to hide sth in one's sleeve
[tún]suckling pig
[tún]war chariot
[tún]Chinese ravioli
[tún]pufferfish (family Tetraodontidae)
tutu[tu tu]凸凸convex on both sides (of lens)
tutu[tū tū]凸凸convex on both sides (of lens)/biconvex
[tū tū]突突(onom.) beating of the heart/pitapat/pulsation of a machine
wadi[wa di]窪地low-lying ground
wadi[wā dì]窪地depression/low-lying ground
[wán]to trim
[wān]to scoop out/to gouge out
[wàn]swastika, a sacred and auspicious symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism
[wàn]swastika, a sacred and auspicious symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, later adopted by Nazi Germany
[wán]to finish/to be over/whole/complete/entire
[wǎn]surname Wan
[wǎn]winding/as if
[wān]to bend/bent/a bend/a turn (in the road etc)
[wǎn]to sigh in regret or pity
[wán]to consume/to exhaust/to play
[wǎn]to pull/to draw (a cart or a bow)/to roll up/to coil/to carry on the arm/to lament the dead/(fig.) to pull against/to recover
[wàn]to bend the wrist
[wán]shed tears
[wān]bay/gulf/to cast anchor/to moor (a boat)
[wán]to play/to have fun/to trifle with/toy/sth used for amusement/to keep sth for entertainment
[wǎn]ensign of royalty
[wǎn]a field of 20 or 30 mu
[wǎn]abbr. for Anhui Province 安徽省
[wán]white/white silk
[wǎn]bind up/string together
[wán]Taiwan pr. [wan4]
[wǎn]internal cavity of stomach
[wàn]wrist/(squid, starfish etc) arm
[wán]Metaplexis stauntoni
[wǎn]luxuriance of growth
[wàn]surname Wan
[wàn]ten thousand/a great number
[wān]to move (as snake)
[wǎn]to draw (a cart)/to lament the dead
[wán]mischievous/obstinate/to play/stupid/stubborn/naughty
wane[wan e]萬惡everything that is evil
wane[wǎn é]挽額elegiac tablet
[wàn è]萬惡everything that is evil
wangling[wang ling]亡靈departed spirit
wangling[wáng líng]亡靈departed spirit
wanting[wan ting]烷烴alkane
wanting[wán tīng]烷烴alkane
wen[wěn]cut across (throat)
[wěn]kiss/to kiss/mouth
[wěn]the corners of the mouth/the lips
[wèn]to ask
[wèn]to wipe
[wěn]to look for (Cantonese)/Mandarin equivalent: 找
[wèn]to press with one's fingers/to soak
[wén]surname Wen
[wén]language/culture/writing/formal/literary/gentle/(old) classifier for coins
[wèn]Wen River in northwest Sichuan (same as 汶川)/classical name of river in Shandong, used to refer to Qi 齊國
[wēn]surname Wen
[wēn]warm/lukewarm/temperature/to warm up/mild/soft/tender/to review (a lesson etc)/fever (TCM)
[wén](Cantonese) to simmer/to cook over a slow fire
[wén]veins in jade
[wèn]a crack, as in porcelain
[wén]line/trace/mark/pattern/grain (of wood etc)
[wèn](old) mourning apparel
[wén]surname Wen
[wén]to hear/news/well-known/famous/reputation/fame/to smell/to sniff at
[wēn]short-headed pig
[wén]to look down
[wén]wen xiang, Henan province
[wén]multicolored clouds
wending[wen ding]穩定stable
wending[wèn dǐng]問鼎to aspire to the throne/to aim at (the first place etc)
[wěn dìng]穩定steady/stable/stability/to stabilize/to pacify
women[wo men]我們us
women[wǒ men]我們we/us/ourselves/our
ye[yě]surname Ye
[yě]also/too/(in Classical Chinese) final particle implying affirmation
[yē]phonetic ya used in Korean names
[yě]to smelt/to cast/seductive in appearance
[yē]onomat. for surprise, amazement and sigh
[yè]to choke (in crying)
[yě]thing/matter (Cantonese)
[yē]to choke (on)/to choke up/to suffocate
[yè]to pull/to drag/to join together/oar
[yè]to drag/to haul
[yē]to tuck (into a pocket)/to hide/to conceal
[yè]to support by the arm/to help/to promote/at the side
[yé]to gesticulate/to play antics
[yè]to press down
[yè]bright light/to sparkle
[yè]to drag/to pull
[yē]coconut palm
[yè]surname Ye
[yè]line of business/industry/occupation/job/employment/school studies/enterprise/property/(Buddhism) karma/deed/to engage in/already
[yè]to fry in fat or oil/to scald
[yè]blaze of fire/glorious
[yé]grandpa/old gentleman
[yé]interrogative particle (classical)
[ye]final particle indicating enthusiasm etc
[yè]armpit/(biology) axilla/(botany) axil
[yè]surname Ye
[yè]leaf/page/lobe/(historical) period/classifier for small boats
[yē]wasp of the family Sphecidae
[yè]to visit (a superior)
[yè]surname Ye/ancient district in modern day Hebei Province 河北省
[yě]field/plain/open space/limit/boundary/rude/feral
[yè]thin plates of metal
[yè]to carry food to laborers in the field
[yè]a kind of bird similar to pheasant
yeti[ye ti]液體liquid
yeti[yè tǐ]液體liquid
yo[yo]final particle expressing exhortation, admiration etc
yo[yō](interjection expressing surprise) Oh!/My!
[yo]final particle expressing exhortation, admiration etc
[yō]Oh! (interjection indicating slight surprise)
[yo](syllable filler in a song)
you[yòu]to assist/to protect
[yóu](bound form) mostly used in either 冘豫 or 冘疑
[yǒu]wine container
[yòu](once) again/also/both... and.../and yet/(used for emphasis) anyway
[yòu]right (-hand)/the Right (politics)/west (old)
[yōu]Oh! (exclamation of dismay etc)
[yòu]park/to limit/be limited to
[yòu]to forgive/to help/profound
[yóu]surname You
[yóu]outstanding/particularly, especially/a fault/to express discontentment against
[yōu]remote/hidden away/secluded/serene/peaceful/to imprison/in superstition indicates the underworld/ancient district spanning Liaonang and Hebei provinces
[yōu]long or drawn out/remote in time or space/leisurely/to swing/pensive/worried
[yōu]to worry/to concern oneself with/worried/anxiety/sorrow/(literary) to observe mourning
[yōu]distant, far/adverbial prefix
[yóu]scallops along lower edge of flag
[yǒu]to have/there is/there are/to exist/to be
[yòu]pomelo (Citrus maxima or C. grandis)/shaddock/oriental grapefruit
[yóu]Quercus glandulifera
[yǒu]ritual bonfire
[yóu]oil/fat/grease/petroleum/to apply tung oil, paint or varnish/oily/greasy/glib/cunning
[yǒu]the vitreous glaze on china, porcelain etc
[yóu]surname You
[yóu]to swim
[yǒu]to enlighten/lattice window
[yóu]as if/(just) like/just as/still/yet
[yóu]to plan/to scheme
[yóu]to follow/from/it is of/due to/to/to leave it (to sb)/by (introduces passive verb)
[yòu](of divinity) to bless/to protect
[yǒu]to lead
[yǒu]Setaria viridis/vicious
[yóu]Caryopteris divaricata
[yóu]Ephemera strigata
[yòu]to entice/to tempt
[yóu]light carriage/trifling
[yòu]to walk
[yóu]to walk/to tour/to roam/to travel
[yóu]post (office)/mail
[yōu]place name
[yǒu]10th earthly branch: 5-7 p.m., 8th solar month (8th September-7th October), year of the Rooster/ancient Chinese compass point: 270° (west)
[yòu]glaze (of porcelain)
[yóu]uranium (chemistry)
[yǒu]europium (chemistry)
[yōu]female deer/doe/female animal
[yǒu]black/dark green
yule[yu le]娛樂to entertain
yule[yú lè]娛樂to entertain/to amuse/entertainment/recreation/amusement/hobby/fun/joy
zeta[ze ta]澤塔zeta (Greek letter Ζζ)
zeta[zé tǎ]澤塔zeta (Greek letter Ζζ)