Integrating the Self-Serve Build API with Tinderboxpushlog

A couple of months ago, Chris AtLee announced the Self-Serve Build API, a RESTful HTTP interface to Mozilla’s build system that lets users kick off and cancel builds themselves. The API is exposed with a simple web interface, but more convenient would be the ability to cancel and re-run builds directly from Tinderboxpushlog. Now that bug 634915 has landed, that convenience has arrived!

To request an additional build or test run, select an already completed job and click on the “Rebuild” icon.

The "Rebuild" icon is the blue plus symbol that appears in the bottom left build information box.

You can request multiple runs just by clicking the icon multiple times in succession. There’s no need to wait for one request to have completed before clicking it again, either.

Each time the "Rebuild" icon is clicked, a status is shown at the top of the page indicating the status of the request.

To cancel a build, click on the “Cancel” icon that appears in the same place after clicking on a build that is pending or already running.

Note that bug 634592 was recently fixed, so this works for cancelling test runs as well as builds themselves.

Be patient though, after cancelling or requesting a new build. It can take a minute or two for the results to show up in the main TBPL view!