Across the Tasman

Now that I’m getting settled in, it’s time to get blogging again. Settled in where, you say? At the start of this month, I made the cross-Tasman voyage to Auckland to start working at Mozilla! It’s an exciting change for me, and it probably wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration to say that it’s pretty much my dream job! Who wouldn’t want to be paid for hacking on open source software? Being able to walk to work in about five minutes isn’t half bad, either.

I’m three weeks in so far, and I’ve mostly been getting back into web standards groups that I was involved in before taking my hiatus to finish off my thesis. (“How is that thesis going?” I hear you ask, as politely as you can when enquiring about such things. Well, I got a goodly amount done during that time – importantly, I finished work on the diagram authoring tool and ran the experiment – but the thesis itself isn’t done. Writing continues on weekends and other non-work time.) In that time I’ve managed to finish porting Web IDL to ECMAScript 5, which was one of the major tasks remaining to do on it, and on Thursday a new Working Draft was published. Yeah!

Hopefully my new machine arrives next week, and I can start on My First Bug™.