End of another year

It might sound trite, but the end of a year always creeps up on me quickly. Was it really a year ago that we read about the latest declassified Australian government documents, or that I was predicting a mere six more months until my thesis submission? Seems like only yesterday.

Speaking of thecal matters, I must congratulate Peter Sbarski (one of my officemates) and Nathan Hurst (a former officemate) on their end-of-year submissions. Nathan started his PhD a couple of years before me, so it was always comforting in a way, knowing that regardless of the time I’ve spent at Monash working on this thing, that I wasn’t breaking some sort of record. Now that he has submitted, I can really start my stopwatch and get on with it!

A couple of W3C publications were made just before Christmas that are worth mentioning from my perspective:

In related news, I’ve been appointed co-chair of the SVG working group from the beginning of 2009, taking over from Andrew Emmons, who has done a fine job herding us all into getting SVG Tiny 1.2 out the door. Erik Dahlström from Opera is continuing in his role as the other co-chair.