Welcome to the LCA 2013 Browser Miniconf website!

The LCA 2013 Browser Miniconf is an opportunity to provide a focal point for discussing issues related to the development of open-source browsers. Several open-source browsers exist, and the two most popular rendering engines (Gecko and WebKit) both have vibrant and active communities of hackers in the Australasian region. This miniconf will allow those communities to meet and exchange ideas. Further, the miniconf will provide an access point for open source developers to discover more about the various browser efforts, and an introductory point for those developers interested in improving web browsers.


21 January 2013 The schedule has now been published.

4 December 2012 We have extended the deadline slightly! Final submissions are due by December 14.

3 August 2012 The LCA miniconfs have been announced, and the Browser Miniconf will be running again in 2013! More details, including a Call for Papers, will be posted soon. In the meantime, consider signing up for the mailing list where all important announcements will be sent!

Who is organising this?

The Browser Miniconf is being organised by Shane Stephens and Cameron McCormack. See the contact information page for details on contacting the organisers and on the miniconf mailing list.