·   254 pages, eleven and a half years of my life.

Me submitting my thesis at the Monash Institute of Graduate Research office.

My thesis front cover: Authoring and Publishing Adaptive Diagrams.

Now for the months-long wait for the examiners to review it.

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  1. Congratulations for submitting it!

  2. Thanks David!

  3. So are you saying you can finally fix all IDL bugs?


  4. Congratulations! I know how rough it can be to finish off a dissertation while working.

  5. Woot! It was a long road, but you got there. Well done! :)

  6. Cheers, Jonathan!

  7. Thanks Andrew and Anne.

    And if I wanted to spend all my now-freed-up evenings and weekends working on IDL it’d be done in no time. ;)

  8. Woah, congrats Cam! For the last few years I wasn’t even sure if you’d actually finished, I was too afraid to ask! Awesome :)

  9. Thanks Michael! I appreciate your discretion in not asking me recently. :)

  10. Daniel Glazman
    17 December 2014, 8:14pm

    Mucho, mucho congrats Cameron !!!!

  11. Thank you Daniel!

  12. Belated congratulations, Cameron. But the real reason I was searching for you is to ask – is going to run again for the July 2nd election?

  13. Thanks John, yes I hope to update it for this year’s election. Keep an eye out on the site.

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