Batik nightly builds

The directory contains unofficial nightly builds of Batik from the subversion repository trunk. These are built using JDK 1.5.

Name Last modified Size Log
batik-nightly-2013-07-14.zip2013-Jul-15 05:4313076426
batik-nightly-2013-07-13.zip2013-Jul-14 05:4213076462
batik-nightly-2013-07-12.zip2013-Jul-13 05:4213076384
batik-nightly-2013-07-11.zip2013-Jul-12 05:4313076411
batik-nightly-2013-07-10.zip2013-Jul-11 05:4313076306
batik-nightly-2013-07-09.zip2013-Jul-10 05:4313076469

The most recent build can be run using Java Web Start. If the JRE you have installed supports Web Start, you can run Squiggle. The jars are signed with a certificate generated from Since is not by default recognised as a trusted certification authority by Sun's JRE, you will get a warning from the Web Start program about the certificate being invalid. This warning can be avoided by downloading the class 1 root certificate and installing it as a "Signer CA" in the Java Control Panel.

You can pass a URI to load by constructing a URI of the form:<URI of SVG document>

Or a enter a URI here:

stelt suggests a handy bookmarklet that will take the URI of the currently displayed SVG document and open it in Squiggle:


— Cameron McCormack <cam (at)>