About me

Photograph of Cameron McCormackSince October 2010, I’ve been working at Mozilla, and since October 2011 I’ve been doing this remotely, working at my home in Melbourne. So far this has involved working mostly on various web standards related things (mostly to do with SVG and Web APIs), some SVG implementation work, and various other things.

Previously, I was a student at Monash University where I was doing a PhD in computer science, supervised by Kim Marriott and Bernd Meyer. Actually, I still am, kind of! I’m finishing my thesis write up over weekends. The tentative title of my thesis is Adaptive diagrams for the web, and it has involved work mainly related to SVG, layout and authoring.

I’m also a committer on the Apache Batik project, which is a Java toolkit for processing SVG in various ways, although my time for the project has unfortunately dropped to zero nowadays!